What We Do

We're digital storytellers

We are a team of journalists with deep experience in writing, design, photography and digital development. We enjoy making sense of the complex, distilling meaning, capturing the essence of a subject and communicating all of that with elegantly sophisticated words, images and designs. We'd love to tell the story of your business or organization.


We love the written word. Whether that’s on a printed page, on a mobile device or on a computer screen. Words matter. We can help you craft a message that resonates with your customers and reflects the passion you have for your products and services.


We believe your message should be visually stunning. That means great design coupled with arresting images that evoke the fundamental core of your business. Photos should tell the story of your company and the people behind it.

Web Sites

The online portal for your business must look sophisticated and professional. But it also must effectively communicate a unique value proposition. We design and build sites that communicate a clear message, AND convert site visitors into customers and customers into sales.

Digital development

Sometimes a beautiful web site isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to engage your customers with immersive technologies. We can help you understand who your site visitors are and give them customized perspectives and experiences.

Who We Are

What's in a name?

When journalism meant typewriters and teletype machines, copy got handed off for typesetting on sheets of paper. That meant stories sometimes arrived at the typesetter one page at a time. Journalists added the designator --30-- after the final paragraph to indicate the typesetter had received the complete story. Dash30 is dedicated to telling the entire story that your business needs told.

Our passion

As journalists, our passion is finding and telling great stories. Whether we’re putting words on a page, capturing stunning images, drafting compelling designs, constructing powerful databases or writing clean code, we’re creating ways to tell your story.

Your business

We understand you, too, have a passion for your business and the products and services you provide. We believe that the product of our work should reflect the passion and care behind it – and, in turn, the passion that drives you and your business. We’re here to tell your great story.



How We Work

We're sticklers for detail

We believe in communicating with our clients, gathering continuous feedback and taking a disciplined, structured approach to your project. We set deadlines and we hit them. This means we're going to come in on time and on budget. If we can save you money, we'll find a way to do that, too. We follow up with any post-launch questions you may have, provide necessary training, and arrange a monthly maintenance and update schedule if you need one.


  • Interview you about your customers
  • Understand your audience
  • Perform a competitive analysis
  • Find the answer to the 'Why Question'
  • Develop a content strategy


  • Shoot photos, design user experiences & write copy
  • Design & build any needed databases
  • Write the code
  • Build a staging site
  • Test, test, test


  • Develop a sitemap & wireframes
  • Mock up the design and UX options
  • Write a technical brief listing features & functionality
  • Develop a creative brief & brand guidelines
  • Generate a final cost estimate & timeline


  • Deploy the site to production
  • Promote the launch
  • Gather user experience data
  • Make needed adjustments
  • Train you & your staff

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